•  To influence and encourage people in Voluntary Blood donation.
  • To influence and encourage people for Posthumous Eye Donation.
  • To help the poor and helpless patient through finance and other facilities like – Blood, Medicines etc.
  • To help the poor medical and dental students by giving them monthly or onetime financial another supports.
  • To raise helping hands in natural disasters.
  • Mass vaccination programme.
  • School Health Programme.
  • Health statistics.
  • Participate in various charitable welfare activities.

To whom Sandhani gives its helping hand

  • Sandhani helps the poor and distressed patients of hospitals with free blood, medicines, baby food etc. and also donate cornea to the blind.

Who can get Sandhani’s blood?

  • Sandhani’s donor by showing the Voluntary Blood Donor Card
  • Anyone by exchanging equal amount of blood
  • Anyone in case of emergency
  • Person who can’t donate or give blood

Who can get medicines from Sandhani?

  • The patient must be unable to buy the medicines.
  • Patient must be admitted into the hospital.
  • If the hospital outdoor patients are unable to buy the medicines.

How to get the Cornea from Sandhani?

  • Appropriate Application form to be collected from Sandhani Eye Bank office.
  • Required information & certificates to be given properly.
  • The requisition paper for Cornea (Photocopy) to be given.
  • 10 copies of passport size photos of patient to be given.
  • 1000 Taka as service Charge to be given (If patient is very poor, it may be remitted).

Primary tasks without Publicity:-

At the beginning, most of Sandhani’s works were without any proclamation. As for example: –

It was winter. One MBBS new comer had no quilt. So, he suffered a lot. Sandhani decided to buy him a quilt without informing him. After buying the quilt one day at 9 pm. the six founders went to his room and kept the quilt at his bed. They told him that, “The quilt was for him on behalf of Sandhani; nobody will know about it”. In this way, they helped many students without the knowledge of others.

Sandhani’s blood donation activities in Bangladesh:

At the beginning we didn’t have any blood donation activities. In 1978, when the founders were in the 3rd year of M.B.B.S., had a placement in Blood Transfusion Department. Professor Habibur Rahman, Head of Department of Blood Transfusion of Dhaka Medical College (1978) told them how a blood bank works & how people donate blood in foreign countries. At that time they took the decision to start blood donation activity in Sandhani. They organized Sandhani’s 1st Voluntary Blood Donation Programme in 2 November 1978 in Dhaka Medical College Blood Bank. Sandhani’s first blood donation activity at DMC was published in all the national newspapers in the next day & Sandhani got their first ever publicity. In this way Voluntary Blood Donation becomes a national movement. Sandhani is the organization that influenced peoples of Bangladesh specially the youths and students for voluntary blood donation. In this context, Sandhani has got its recognition from Bangladesh Government and 2nd November is declared as the National Voluntary Blood Donation and Posthumous Eye Donation Day.

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