How to Donate Blood?

How to Donate Blood?

Any healthy person (not suffering from a current illness) within the age group of  18 -57 years with a minimum body weight of 45 kg is eligible to donate blood.

When you are fit to donate blood, do not wait for emergency. Remember, crisis for blood remains always in hospitals  of Bangladesh.

Whenever you see a Blood Donation Program is running in your locality by any voluntary institutions like SANDHANI, donating blood (if you are an eligible one) or helping them by motivating the people around you to donate blood is the best thing you can do for them.

You can also donate blood by reaching your nearby blood donation centers. Almost every government medical college of Bangladesh and some private ones got units of SANDHANI, you can go there any time to donate blood ( to know their location and contact numbers, please click here: Contact Us ).

Keep in mind that it takes not more than 30 minutes to donate a unit of blood or in other words- to save some one’s life.

Donate blood, keep saving lives.

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