SANDHANI Achievements


The greatest achievement of sandhani has been the hearts of the people who have been benefited from our activity. The fact that we provide about 40% of the need for blood for transfusion works as a continual inspiration. As recognition of our contribution to the state, we were awarded last year the “swadhainota podoc” the highest national award. Among the other recognitions, a few deserve mention.

  • Jewel Memorial Medal in 1986
  • Asaf-ud Daula Memorial Medal in 1988
  • Rear Admiral Mahabub Ali Khan Gold Medal in 1991
  • The first voluntary blood donation Program of Sandhani was organization on the 2nd Nov. 1978. The same day has been recognized as the national voluntary blood donation and posthumous eye donation day in 1995
  • Common wealth Youth Service Award’95
  • Sandhani received the C.W.Y.S.A. ’95 as recognition for its voluntary works. Co. W. Sec. has divided all the C.W. conutries of the world into 6 Zones and the Zones are presented one award each. Form the south Asian Zone Sandhani received the award- consisting of a medal, one thousand pound and a certificate. We proudly state that, Sandhani is the first organization to receive this award in Bangladesh.
  • Recognition by the social welfare Centre of Bangladesh in 1995.
  • Bangladesh Social welfare Centre granted the recognition for the voluntary works organized by Sandhani.
  • Youth Development Dept. granted registration to Sandhani as a voluntar organization in 1995.
  • O.D.A.U.K.Award’95 in 1995
  • Bangladesh Medical Teachers Association Federation Award in 1995

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