Behind the Scene

SANDHANI Behind the Scene

Behind the Scene

As a student, we have some responsibilities for the human welfare, but, it becomes mandatory as a medical student. But the fact is, as a victim of a diseased society, “Treatment” has now become the main source of earning money. Due to our moral decrease, greed and selfishness very naturally have taken the place of our morality. As a result, doctor’s seems to us repulsive rather than gracious, their luck compel people to rebuke them rather than fame, praise, rather than reproach; though, it is said that “After God, comes the Doctor”. It may be the cause of insufficient moral education in contrast with the practical knowledge.

Beside this abnormal mentality we felt to take an attempt which will show our future doctors a perfect direction. As doctors get the chance to be closer to all classes of the people of a society, so, they can play the role of social leader along with their doctor’s role – this point aware us to think differently.  We will create a shield of cordiality, our duty will bring prosperity and above all there will always be an attempt to do something better. Although, the main purpose of this institution is to create good doctors, but, we expect its periphery to be expanded to the mass people. All probationers in all professions will be inspired by Sandhani to become an honest and responsible citizen. But, we won’t do anything hurry for the cheap popularity, we always keep in mind the great saying –

“Only a thoughtful & positive mind can create something great and beautiful, Positive mind is that field, where perfectly ripe fruit can successfully expanded”

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