Beginning of a Journey

In 1977, Sandhani has born by six M.B.B.S. students of (second year, batch – E) Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka and they are Mostafizur Rahman Shopon, Mosharrof Hossain Mukto, Md. Idris Ali Monju, Md. Abdul Kaium, Mostofa Selimul Hasnain and Khurshid Ahmed Apu. Now, it has become a great social icon with its own activities since birth. In this long period, Sandhani has very successfully arranged voluntary blood donation programmes, posthumous eye donation programmes, drug bank for the distressed people, helping hands for the natural victims, activities on student welfare etc. But, the scene at birth of Sandhani was different. In 1977, one day Md. Idris Ali Monju informed from his classmates’ discussion that, one of his batch mates was attending the lectures without having breakfast till 2 pm. This really hurt him a lot, so, in 5 February 1977, he decided to inform his five other friends about this matter and they planned to meet under the rain tree of the Annex building of Dhaka University (besides DMC) in front of Shaheed Minar. They decided that, one will give 7 Taka and the 5 others 5 Taka per month to support their friend financially. The collection was 32 Taka in 1st month. At that time, 30 Taka was enough for a whole month breakfast. They also decided that, as their poor class friend may not take those money, Md. Idris Ali Monju will collect the money and he will persuade  him to take the money.

In this circumstance, Sandhani begins its journey in 5 February, 1977 without any platform. The six founders felt the necessity to establish their work in an institutional form. In 19 March, 1977 at 5 pm, they met at Suhrawardi Uddan, Dhaka (besides T.S.C., Dhaka University, Dhaka). They proposed ‘Anirbaan’, ‘Amra Kojon’, ‘Sandhani’ etc. for their organization’s name. But they decided ‘Sandhani’ (proposed by Mosharrof Hossain Mukto) as the name of their dream organization. After some days, Md. Idris Ali Monju and Mostofa Selimul Hasnain felt the necessity of some rules and regulations for their organization and made “Sandhani Rules” – a four page regulations. In the next meeting, the “Sandhani Rules” became the first Constitution of Sandhani after necessary corrections by Md. Idris Ali Monju. The main objective of the 1st constitution was – “To make our self an ideal human free from all misdeeds and corruptions and try our best for the betterment of humanity”. By this way, Sandhani began its journey and now it has got the national and international recognition through the strong management and dedications of Sandhanians. Afterwards, in 18 October, 1979, Sandhani started its second unit in Mymensingh Medical College and established their units in all medical and dental colleges of Bangladesh within 1982. In 1992, it started its 5 new units in 5 new medical colleges of Bangladesh.  As supportive organization, Sandhani established Sandhani Donor Club (run by non-medical persons) in 2 July, 1982 and Sandhani National Eye Donation Society and Sandhani International Eye Bank in 25 November, 1984. The 5 February is observed as the Sandhani’s Birth Day every year.


How ‘SANDHANI’ name has come from ‘SHANDHANI’

Today, many Sandhanians or ex-Sandhanians don’t know that, SHANDHANI was our constitutional name. There is an interesting story behind this.

To give Sandhani a national and international recognition, a proposal was made to publish a stamp in 1992. The Director General of Postal Service of Bangladesh found dissimilarity between the Bengali and English name of Sandhani. He said the English spelling should be Sandhani rather than Shandhani. So, he did not permit to publish stamps.

But, the Sandhanians are bound to their constitution, so, Sandhani Central Committee made a board combined with two professors from Bangla and English department of Dhaka University, Dhaka, members of Sandhani and postal department. They gave their consent in support of the postal department. After that, constitution was revised by Sandhani Central Committee and in the name of ‘Sandhani’ two stamps & covers were published in 14th Inaugurating Ceremony of Sandhani. By this way, the organization has got its new English spelling – SANDHANI from SHANDHANI.

First Facts of Sandhani

  • First Slogan: The best way to serve God is to serve humanity
  • First Voluntary Blood Donation Programme: 2 November 1978, Venue-Dhaka Medical College Hospital Blood Bank, Total no. of donors – 27
  • First Blood donor: Md. Idris Ali Monju (First patient welfare secretary)
  • First Blood donor (Outside Sandhani): Professor Dr. Md. Yusuf Ali (Head of Department of Medicine, Dhaka Medical College Hospital-1978)
  • First Female Blood Donor: Hosne Ara Lucky
  • First Voluntary Blood Donation Programme (Outside DMCH): 17 January 1979, 28 donors (Students of Social Welfare Institution, Dhaka University)
  • First Sandhani unit after DMCU: Mymensingh Medical college unit (October 1979)
  • First Central Committee: January 1983
  • First Central President: Abul Kalam Azad

Pioneer of Sandhani

Founding Member

  • Mostafizur Rahman Shopon
  • Mosharrof Hossain Mukto
  • Md. Idris Ali Monju
  • Md. Abdul Kaium
  • Mostofa Selimul Hasnain and
  • Khurshid Ahmed Apu

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